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good morning, america. and this morning, lost at sea. inside the desperate search for seven americans missing for two days after their tour boat sinks. the survivors tell their harrowing stories swimming for their lives in waters filled with sharks. deciding her fate. the dramatic moments before the casey anthony jury got the case. will this shocking mother/daughter exchange lead to a conviction? >> sweetheart, you're not telling me where she's at. >> because i don't [ bleep ] know where she's at. are you kidding me? i want to talk to my mother and it's a [ bleep ] waste. by the way, i don't want any of you coming up here. celebrity stalking. the man arrested for attacking paris hilton's ex has been
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nabbed again outside the reality star's malibu home despite a restraining order. can the star stay safe? the prince of tides showing off. why william's risky rides above the water and on it have crowds holding their breath. hello, everyone. robin taking a little summer break. great to have elizabeth vargas back. you should be welcoming me back. >> yes. welcome back. how was your fourth? >> it was a good time. >> there's been no break, as you know, for the e sey anthony jurors from the trial. they started deliberations yesterday. >> six hours yesterday afternoon after hearing those closing arguments from the prosecutors and, boy, those tapes seem so devastating and so emotional on casey's part. >> many think that was a powerful way for the prosecution to close the case showing the
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lack of remorse she appeared to show from jail. >> what dan abrams and nancy grace think in a bit. we do begin with the search for those seven americans missing when their boat capsized off the coast of mexico. the search has been expanded by mexican officials but more than two days have passed since the boat went down. abc's abbie boudreau is on the scene in san felipe, new mexico. good morning. >> reporter: 27 americanan fishermen and friends sailed away from the dock looking forward toto great day of fishing together when suddenly things took a tragic turn. these men are weary but alive after an annual fourth of july fishing trip took a horrifying turn. their boat capsizing off the coast of mexico early sunday. now a search and rescue mission is under way. gary and glen wong are brothers and survivors. after 18 1/2 harrowing hours floating in the sea and fearing the worst. >> i'm a goner. everything i lived for is gone. >> reporter: they say they were sharing a room with their two
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other brothers when suddenly they felt the boat begin to rock and heard a crash. >> i heard people yelling and my brother got up and looked -- went out the hallway and heard someone say get out, get out. >> reporter: the vessel named the "erik" left san felipe saturday and abruptly sank 60 miles south of the baja california peninsula in a freak storm. two giant waves hit the boat causing it to go under. now at least one passenger is dead and the search is on for seven others who are missing including gary and glen's brother, brian. >> right now i'm missing not just my brother but a friend and a fishing companion and somebody very important in my life. >> reporter: gary wong, a san francisco native, was on his first big getaway after retirement. he says he can still hear the cries of his fishing companions. >> this guy was yelling fofo help, help me. oh, god. help me, help me. oh, god. the water is all the way up to
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his head. >> reporter: all 44 people on board thrust into pitch-black ocean water forced to cling for life using w wtever they could find. now all they can think about is finding their missing brother. >> we're not leaving until we find him. i mean, one way or another. >> reporter: the mexican navy and the u.s. coast guard will be back at it again today searching by boat and aircraft trying to find the seven missing men. george? >> okay, abbie, thanks. the water is relatively warm and relatively calm right now. >> fingers crossed. the waiting game has begun in the casey anthony trial. the jury began deliberating yesterday following two days of closing arguments that have been incredibly contentious. abc's ashleigh banfield is in orlando with the latest this morning. good morning, ashleigh. >> reporter: good morning, elizabeth. it's day 47 of this extraordinary process down here, but day two of the critical phase, the guilt/innocence phase and if this jury is hashing out those seven counts based on the
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last thing they heard in this courtroom, the prosecution's closing argument, well, it was a pretty damning argument. the defense may have spoken n the jury for the last time. >> we're going to ask you to render a verdict of not guilty. >> reporter: but it was the prosecution that got the last word. >> any way you slice it, casey anthony is guilty of murder in the first degree. >> reporter: and so they painted a final image of casey anthony in the jurors' minds hammering her for her lies. >> the defendant's lies changed. they got bigger. they got better. they involved more people. >> reporter: the original lie, that her daughter had been missing for 31 days. a time in which casey lived the gh life. but her story at trial, that caylee drowned in the backyard pool. >> what she was doing during those 31 days was in no way the response of someone whose child has died by accident.
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>> reporter: the prosecutors also strongly knocked down the notion that casey's father george covered it up. >> george is not this machiavellian self-interested monster. >> reporter: instead reminding the jury of hours of jailhouse conversations that showed a much different relationship between casey and her father. >> is there anything in any of those conversations that shows george anthony as anything other than a loving father? >> reporter: once again casey's voice was heard in court. >> casey? >> mom. >> r rorter: in a phone call home from her first night in jail. >> i don't know what your involvement is, sweetheart. you're not telling me where she's at. >> because i don't [ bleep ] know where she's at. are you kidding me? >> reporter: it was a call in which she seemed more concerned with her boyfriend. >> tell memehat tony's number is. i don't want to talk to you right now. >> repepter: than her daughter who she claimed at the time had been kidnapped. >> do you understand? i'll die if anything happens to that baby.
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>> oh, my god, calling you guys, a waste. a huge waste. >> ladies and gentlemen of the jury, you may retire now to begin your deliberations. >> reporter: and with that, the case went to the jury who have been sequestered for 44 days and who will deliberate for how many more it takes. and so far we are at just under six hours of deliberations and, guys, i need to show you why we may be only at six hours at this point. these are the forms they got to go through. e verdict form is nine pages. the instructions are 27 pages. so that entire six hours may have been taken up just by figuring out what their job is and they have to c cose the foreman too. also want to let you know first time in the history of this courthouse, they have kept it opened on a holiday, how important this case is. >> let's go inside the jury room with dan abrams. let's look at the makeup of the
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jury. first we have seven women and five men but more importantly here, six of these people are parents. >> yeah, and as a result, you've got what are in effect expert witnesses who are on that jury, these people who know what it's like to be a parent and one of the issues that came up in the closing arguments again was are -- was she a good mother or wasn't she? >> and that 31 days when she did not report her daughter missing will be hard to convince a parent, somebody who has had a child that's excusable or normal behavior. >> some people say that the women on the jury could be tougher on her than the men, who knows? >> next we have, of course, two different ways that we can get to first degreremurder which could involve the death penalty? >> that's right. there is both premeditation, premeditated murder which is what we talked about a lot or the possibility y felony murder. what does that mean? if these jurors believe there was aggravated child abuse meaning significant child abuse, chloroform, for example, and the child died, that in and of itself could qualify her for first degree murder and the possibility of the death penalty so throughout this a lot of people have been saying
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premeditated, premeditated, premeditated, yes, that's true but also the possibility of felony murder, as well and the jurors don't have to be unanimous. they can -- let's say seven could be believe it's premeditated. five felony and that would be enough to convict on first degree. >> accidentally chloroformed the child and -- >> accidental would be different. there would still have to be an intentional act. she would still have to intentionally place the chloroform on the child. if that is accidental, that would be a different story. >> we'll check back later with you. there are new twists for dominique strauss-kahn, the french financial power broker whose sexual assault case in manhattan is on the verge of collapse. even though it appears these may be dropped he faces a new one in france. linsey davis is here with the latest. this formal complaint is filed by that young journalist who says he assaulted her during an interview a decade ago. >> reporter: you're exactly right.
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tristane banon has written five books. her first was a long essay about the biggest mistakes in the lives of political figure, an interview with strauss-kahn that she alleges he tried to rape hehe after she repeatedly told him no they ended up fighting on the floor. as the case against dominique straususkahn unraveled in the u.s., a new one against him is gaining momentum back in france. this morning, in paris, a newly filed lawsuit accuses him of attempted rape. the accuser, 32-year-old french journalist tristane banon is speaking out telling a french magazine, i lived my story for eight years. dominique strauss-kahn has held the reins of my life. i know that half the people will believe me. the other half, , t. there is no good solututn, only one result, that i can finally look at myself in the mirror. banon claims strauss-kahn tried to attack her in 2003.
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in this interview on french tv, she spoke about the incident saying he behaved like a "running chimpanzee." still, she never filed charges because her mother told her strauss-kahn would ruin her career and her credibility. banon's lawyer says tristane has been insulted by those who saiai that if she lived through what she claimed she lived through, she should have filed a complaint. >> the credibility of this victim will rise and fall on the allegations and evidence she has. just because there is a delay in disclosure doesn't mean she's automatically lying. the evidence will speak for itself. >> reporter: strauss-kahn has denied banon's account. his lawyer plans to countersue banon for slander. according to "the new york post," a top investigator called eventually dismissal of the hotel maid's case a certainty. >> it sure does seem that's where it's headed. okay, linsey, thanks very much. moving to politics in this country republicans hoping to defeat president obama were out in full force on the fourth of july. the presidential hopefuls marching in parades across iowa and new hampshire, two crucial early voting states.
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abc's john berman is here with more on the jockeying for vovos and for cash. >> good morning, elizabeth. you know, it's true, the celebration of america's birthday is a key moment for those trying to be america's president. in new hampshire there was an unexpected campaign collision and in iowa some unexpected loneliness. it was a fourth of july face-off. >> how are you doing? >> reporter: parares and independence day turned independence fray as candidates raced down the parade route, the small town of amherst, new hampshire, population 12,000, simply not big enough to keep them apart. republican mitt romney and jon huntsman met face to face. what did they say? >> it was a nice exchange, a nice greeting. wishing each other luck and being friends. that's the way that all the candidates on the republican side should be. >> reporter: halfway across the country in clear lake, iowa, two other candidates enjoyed the same parade though hardly the
7:13 am
same crowds. >> hi there. happy fourth of july. >> reporter: the surging michele bachmann was surrounded by a sparkly throng of supporters and a sparkly new campaign bus. newt gingrich was surrounded by his wife and this sign. the fourth is a glorious day for all americans including candidates. for them, it may be a chance to take a break from their recent big obsession, cash. mitt romney expects to come in somewhere south of 20 million. tim pawlenty, jon huntsman and ron paul all way souththf that. around 4 million apiece. meanwhile, president obama could raise as much as 60 million, though he spent the day with men and women whose value is beyond priceless. >> i cannot think of anybody i would rather celebrate with than all of you, the men and women of our military and our extraordinary military families. >> reporter: now that $60 million figure, what some people
7:14 am
think the president will raise along with the democratic national committee and now that independence day is over mitt romney is actually taking his campaign fund-raising tour back to the seat of the monarchy and he'll head to london to raise money from americans living abroad. >> wow, he's working hard for it. thanks so much, john. let's check in now with josh elliott for other news headlines. this oil spill, the latest on the exxonmobil oil spill is bad news. >> it's metastasizing. new wowoies about that oil spill in montana as exxonmobil now admits that the gush into the yellowstone river is far more extensive than first suggested. state officials ininst the 42,000-gallon spill has spread across dozens of miles threatening animal and plant life. regulators warned about violations along the pipeline under the river twice in the last year alone. meanwhile, some breaking news from iraq, at least 35 people have been killelein a car bombing north of baghdad and a separate attack, apparently targeted americans celebratiti the fourth of july at the u.s.
7:15 am
embassy. militants fired a rocket destroying several buildings nearby and killing four iraqis. meanwhile, police in indiana are awaiting results on an autopsy of a badly decomposed female body found in a creek in indianapolis. the creek, only about 50 miles from where college student lauren spierer vanished a month ago after a night out with friends. the secret service is now investigating a cyberattack on the political twitter account of fox news. hackers posted six fake tweets claiming that president obama had been assassinated. those tweets, again, were just a hoax. and finally, an attempted prison break in mexico that you have to see to believe. after visiting her boyfriend in prison for a conjugal visit, look what the woman tried to sneak out of prison. the boyfriend. >> what? >> in a suitcase and it almost worked. it was this close. >> how big was he?
7:16 am
>> by this close, i mean not at all. he is certainly big enough to not fit in a suitcasas guards apparently got a little suspicious and was bulky and respirating. she's now been arrested so maybe those visits will be much easier. >> i can't believe he could cram his body into that little small space. >> dreadful is what it was. >> real houdini skills but he didn't get away. sam, how was your fourth? >> very nice. good morning, everybody. let's deal with the summertime heat, 101 in dallas, spreading area of heat, just going to make that drought worse in the deep south. every state along the gulf coast is in the highest level of drought at some point. in many areas it's most of the state. that heat spreads west, l.a., 83, phoenix at 107 and it's humidity, the moisture coming in with that monsoon n ason so you can't say it's the dry heat anymore in the desert. rapid city, denver, omaha, green
7:17 am
bay, all these areas will pop up strong to severe thunderstorms today. that's the big board. plenty of moisture in the form of just humidity into the deep south. we'll go over more this morning but for right now that's the weather around the nation.
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>> if you took this week off on vacation in the northeast, very smart. today's nicer than the last weekend. >> that is good news for robin. they are almost here. will and kate reach america in three days. yesterday prince william had the chance to show off his piloting skills for his proud bride and we also got to see the couple unleash competitive streaks and bob woodruff reports this morning from yellowknife, canada. ♪ >> reporter: royal tours are highly scripted affairs. every handshake, every outfit, every moment planned to the finest detail which is why this is causing such a stir. it wasn't much, a spontaneous
7:19 am
very brief embrace but this was a highly unusual public display of affection. >> they just want to live a normal life. prince william is going to do things his way and, you know, they both say, this is how we do it. that's how you did it then but we're doing it different now. >> reporter: the royal squeeze came just moments after prince william and kate competed head to head in a dragon boat race on the lake. at first it looked like kate's team might win. but will's boat crossed first, which seemed to disappoint many watching from shore. >> she's beautiful. she's athletic. >> yeah. >> she seems very nice. >> yeah. >> like one of us. >> reporter: throughout the first five days of this trip the crowds and the cameras have been focused almost entirely on kate. what she wears is big news. overshadowing the future king of england. >> i thought it was fantastic. i got a great picture of her giving a thumbs up sign.
7:20 am
we know that they're happy to be here. >> reporter: the duchess began the day monday in a cream dress by sarah burton who designed the iconic wedding dress and she wore skinny black jeans and a fleece pullover later in the day on the waterfront but the prince did finally command some attention of his own with a spectacular display of his piloting skills. in a training maneuver he landed a canadian sea king helicopter on the lake more than a half dozen times. now, william and kate just landed here in the northwest territories, just a few hours ago. they'll be very busy again today. they'll be flying in a float plane landing on a lake and kate will be playing street hockey on a rink with no ice.. they clearly love flying helicopters and planes and especially, george and elizabeth, sports. >> street hockey. what will she be wearing? >> skinny jeans. coming up the latest from our legal analysts on the casey anthony trial.
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>> plus, preying on paris hilton.
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apartment building was occupied but no one was hurt. fire investigators are out this morning trying to determine the cause of the blaze. danielle has a check with the commute. >> actually we have a major crash out in hercules, there is a sig alert in affect as you approach pinole valley road. fire crews have all lanes blocked so expect a slow ride if you are headed on the east shore freeway. >> one more look at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> looks like those metering lights are on, main back-up are in the right lanes. >> mike has a lololololololololñ
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check out the haze in the east bay valleys. good to know it's not a spare-the-air day, it's going to be hot in the inland. 60s there, temperatures in the hundreds in the east bay valleys. esep
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any wawayou slice it, casey anthony is guilty of murder in the first degree. >> the defendant's lies changed. they got bigger. they got better. they involved more people. boy, the prosecutor is laying it on the line there in that final argument for casey anthony, then the case went to the jury. those 12 jurors spent about six hours yesterday deciding casey anthony's fate. what will the verdict be? when will it come? we have dan abrams and nancy grace to weigh in this morning. good morning, america. robin is off today. elizabeth vargas back with us. >> this trial has captured the nation's attention over the past few weeks. people can't believe the charges and circumstances so a lot of people are waiting to hear what the jurors come e with. a man has been arrested
7:31 am
three times accused of stalking reality star paris hilton, ignoring restraining orders so how did he get so close to her yet again? also in our series "show me the money" new ways to get hundreds of dollars from that clothing hanging in your closet that you just don't wear anymore. perfectly fine clothing but worth a lot of money. >> a great series. looking forward to that. but we begin with more on the casey anthony trial. prosecution wrapped up its arguments with a withering attack on her credibilily and the defense's entire case, they played the damaging jailhouse phone call from casey. we want to play a little bit more of it. ep a close eye on the faces of casey and her mom. >> casey. >> mom. >> hey, sweetie. >> i just saw your nice cameo on tv. >> sweetheart, you're not telling me where she's at. >> because i don't [ bleep ] know where she's at. are you kidding me? i called to talk to my mother and it's a [ bleep ] waste. by the way, i don't want any of you coming up into here.
7:32 am
>> casey, you have to tell me if you know anything about caylee. >> sweetheart -- >> if anything happened to caylee, casey, i'll die. do you understand, i'll die. >> oh, my god. calling you guys, a waste. a huge waste. >> how come everybody is saying you're lying? >> because nobody [ bleep ] is listening to anything that i'm saying. the media completely misconstrued everything i said. the [ bleep ] detectives told [ bleep ]. yet at the same time they're twisting stuff. they've already said they're going to pin this on me if they don't find caylee. >> how come everybody is saying that you're not upset, that you're not crying, that you show no caring -- >> because i'm not sitting here [ bleep ] crying every two seconds because i have to stay composed. >> casey, your daughter -- your baby girl -- >> you can listen and hear that there's nothing that's wrong with casey anthony that can't be explained using two words, pathological liar. whose life was better without
7:33 am
caylee? there's your answer. >> final arguments for the prosecution, let's bring in our legal team, "gma" legal analyst dan abrams, also nancy grace, the host of "nancy grace" on hln in orlando this morning. nancy, let me begin with you. your take on that final argument. >> well, george, you know you've hit a home run when not only the defendant breaks down n d starts crying during your closing argument but her lawyer does too. dorothy broke down and started crying dururg linda drane burdick's closing argument clutching tot mom's hand under the table. she's the rubber. she rubs tot mom all the way through the trial, the back massage, they both broke down and started crying in the middle of drane burdick's closing arguments. i would say it was a pretty good job. >> dan, casey anthony chose not to testify but, boy, you could tell she wanted to talk. >> she wanted to talk to her lawyers and the problem, of course, for her even though she
7:34 am
didn't testify you still heard her words throughout the trial and heard them on the tape and you also heard them in the jailhouse discussions that she had with her family members and i think actually that that might have even been a stronger way to end the case is those conversations she's having with cindy and george anthony from prison where george anthony would have had to have been the greatest actor in the world to pretend that he had no idea that he was looking for her because, of course, the defense's theory is he knew what was happening all along and he and casey beth knew what was happening while mom cindy was the only one of the three that didn't. >> there was another moment during this closing argument, nancy, i want to play for you. you thought you noticed something that casey said during the prosecutor's closing argument. let's play the clip. >> casey anthony would have you believe that if this is all her mother's fault anyway for leaving the ladder down. let's twist the knife in my mom a little more.
7:35 am
the cover-up is her dad's fault. let's twist the knife in him too. >> now, you look at that. let's play it again in slow motion. you talk over it. it's either her saying it's not his fault or because it is his fault. >> well, yeah, you can look at it two ways, the way that i and all of our staff looked at it and we were all there sitting in the courtroom when everything went down. it looks as if she's saying not his fault. also, similarly saying, you know, i never blamed my mom when they're talking about cindy anthony and if she is, in fact, saying it's not his fault talking about george, that breaks the defense case wide open because they as opposed to proving an accidental drowning have chosen to vilify george anthony from the geteto. >> maybe nancy is a better
7:36 am
lip-reader than i am and she may be but i think she could have been saying it's -- >> law school -- >> they don't. i'll give you, nancy, of all the things i will give you better lip-reader than i am but i will tell you -- >> thank you. i'll take it. >> it seemed to me that she might be saying it's his fault -- it's his fault. >> laugh all you want to. >> but, look -- >> the jury is watching. >> no question -- >> stop and laugh at, ha, ha, ha. it all off. if the jury saw it, it might mean something. >> no question it mean something. >> no question -- >> put that in your pocket. >> if you misstate what she's saying and claim that, oh, this blows up the whole defense theory, you know, then it doesn't make a whole lot of sense. >> dan, i'm not worried about what tot mom is saying because anything she says like drane burdick said is one thing, the only thing she s sd that's true, the dob of caylee anthony, it's not the salt that goes on her -- >> more -- >> we're talking about the
7:37 am
closing argument. >> during the closing argument, what's your impression of how the jury usually reads that kind of reaction, that kind of overt reacacon? >> it is important. the jurors are watching. even if they're not directly looking at the defendant, they can see the defendant. and they, you know, they can try to look. they can look out of the side of their eyes, whatever the case may be. >> you just scoffed at it. you just scoffed at it. >> i scoffed at your comment, nancy. i scoffed at your comment. right. i'm not scoffing at the idea that it's important. >> the only thing that tot mom didn't do was scratch. mad scaling, jutting her chin out, angry and it showed and they were watching her. >> and, nancy, as dan pointed out in the first half hour, the jury instructions show that there are a couple of different routes for casey to get the death penalty, so odds are she does? >> well, well, there are a couple of different routes also for her to get murder one, which is the first phase before we get
7:38 am
to the sentencing phase and i have the verdict form and the judge was very clear that you could get a murder one conviction and then possibly a death penalty or life without parole if, "a," it's premeditated murder, premeditatioiocan be formed in the blink of an eye or "b," felony murder, if there was a felony like aggravated child abuse and a death occurred during it, which is a lot of people's theory. >> this was the strongest argument by the prosecutor during the closing argument is no matter what theory you come up with, if you think the child died at casey's hands then it's hard to figure out a way that legally she doesn't get first degree murder. >> dan, nancy, thanks again very much. sam? >> thanks, george. hey, george, this year we're making vacation choices in july even tougher by adding in you can go to the beach or you can tan and ski at the same time and we mean snow ski. take a look at this. yes, ski season is still going on out west. it is very rare, july 4th to have some of these places open, temperatures near the 70-degree mark if not a littleleit above. but a record 700-inch snowpack
7:39 am
has not melted yet so you can tan and snow ski. here's what happens, all this moisture starts to pull in. we get the monsoon season rolling. as dry as it has been out west there will be some moisture getting in that will fire up thunderstorms and keep the temperatures down in a lot of locates while meanwhile, the next couple of days are gorgeoeo, warm and dry into the northeast and, again, if you're on vacation this week, that's perfect. all of this humidity down in the deep south, not enough to cause thunderstorms in texas where >> all that weather brought to you u by at&t. george. >> thank you, sam. when we come back, paris hilton and her alleged stalker. what can you do when all the money in the world can't keep you safe? stalkeke stalk[ male announcer ] the network --
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paris hilton may relish the spotlight, but she doesn't like the attention of this man. he defied a restraining order to get close to the reality star and now he's under arrest because he's done it yet again. josh is here with the story. you know, this has been a serious event with other celebrities, some of who have been hurt or killed by stalkers. >> which is why it's so
7:44 am
frightening. that word again is important here and again as you mentioned, paris hilton for years seeking out that spotlight and the fame and fortune that came with it but with all of that also came some unwanted admirers, ones who could be very dangerous. at f fst glance the man this in this photo with a sly grin on his face might not seem sinister but for paris hilton the sheer sight of 36-year-old james rainford means a nightmare has returned. on monday, police took rainford into custody arrested after allegedly peering into hilton's malibu beach house. he was violating a protective order requiring him to stay 200 yards from hilton. this time she watched the scene unfold from the safety of her balcony but just three months ago rainford got much, much closer. >> ooh. >> reporter: in april, rainford attacked hilton's boyfriend in broad daylight outside an l.a. courthouse. watch as he leaps onto the screen. more chilling hilton's immediate recognition that the man was a stalker. >> that was the guy who was at my house.
7:45 am
>> who is this guy? >> that's another intruder who came to my house on a bike. he attacked my security at my home. >> are you okay? >> honey, are you okay? >> this guy has attacked my boyfriend. >> are you okay, paris? >> i cannot believe it's the same person. >> reporter: at the time of the attack rainford had already been arrested once for breaking into hilton's home and as he was dragged off in handcuffs you can hear his questionable state of mind. >> were you trying to attack paris hilton? >> no, i wasn't. >> did you propose to her and she accepted? >> yes, she did. >> why are you getting handcuffed? >> when is the wedding? >> the picture in my pocket. i'll show you. >> reporter: he was sentenced to 227 days in prison for the attack, so why was he on the beach outside hilton's home just 68 days later? like so many stalkers, he was released from custody early which is why alexis moore, a stalking victim and the founder of survivors in action, believes
7:46 am
jail time is the only answer. >> we're sending a message to the perpetrator every time they receive a lighter sentence, we're sending the message to them, that, hey, go ahead and do it, nothing is going to happen to you. >> now, rainford is facing charges for violating a protective order that required him to stay some 200 yards away from paris hilton. he's also violating a three years probation that could be stayed, you figure if he does go back to prison perhaps it will be for more than just 68 days. >> a little bit longer this time. all right, josh, thank you so much. coming up, think the clothes you don't wear anymore are worthless? well, we're about to show you the money. ♪ money ♪ [ female announcer ] nutri-grain -- one good decision... can lead to another. ♪ ♪
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♪ freeze frame ♪ freeze frame >> this macaque -- i will be more careful how i say that. and the thing about this is that the monkey actually took the pictures himself.
7:51 am
>> it's pretty incredible. the photographer in the park who left his camera unattended and apparently the monkey was tempted by his own reflection, picked up the camera and began snapping. >> when you're that good looking, of course. >> how can you help it? >> a dominance display. trying to scare himself. we'll be right back. still head on "gma," "show back. reduces the visible signs of aging... mininizes the look of wrinkles... seems like an amazing moisturizer? hydrates... renews... actually... it's an amazing makeup. introducing revlon age defying with dna advantage. its powerful skincare ingredients and spf 20 help protect skin's dna. 96% of women saw flawless, younger-looking skin in just 2 weeks. new revlon age defying with dna advantage cream makeup.
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still ahead on "gma," "show me the money." we unearth hundreds of dollars in this woman's closet, and we'll show you how to do it too. s woman's closet and we'll
7:56 am
show you how to do it too. firefighters were busy all night putting out fires and trying to figure out if they were started by illegal fireworks. several grass fires erupted in eastern contra costa last night between 9:30 and midnight. this is where people were shooting off fireworks nearby. in brentwood two homes were damaged by an early morning fire. investigators believe it was started by a backyard barbecue. look at the forecast, mike. good morning. here is a look at seven-day forecast. we're looking at hot temperatures today, inland
7:57 am
around hundred degrees. 88 around the bay and mid-50s at the coast. danielle. >> all right, thank you. we're going to take a live look, san rafael at lucas valley, on the left-hand side, it's headed in the southbound commute, no accidents but
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ i'm gonna wrap you up in my love ♪ ♪ i'm gonna wrap you up in my love all over all over ♪ >> they have come from all over america to times square this morning extending their july 4th holiday weekend. not a bad day. robin is still off right now but i'm here with elizabeth vargas. >> she's enjoying a nice week off. i hope she's relaxing and sleeping someplace. >> lara, you are back. and you've got some "show us the money." >> "show us the money." i want to show you all the money. it's hiding in your closets. it's right there, people. all those clothes you know you'll never wear again. just admit it. we can turn them into big bucks. hundreds of dollars. i'll show you new ways to cash in on this morning's edition of "show me the money." we're also going to show you
8:01 am
other ways to save money this morning. trying to bust these myths about expiration dateses. when you need to buy new shoes, when you need to change the oil in your car, throw out the aspirin. because, you know, what a lot of people don't know is those are, of course, set by the industry themselves. >> right. who has a vested interest in you coming in to buy another bottle of aspirin. also, the royal rivals, kate and william, are very competitive. we saw it yesterday in the rowing race but when it comes to fashion, she wins by a mile but we'll get more into the sporty part of this. because, guess what, she's about to take the street hockey competition against her husband. >> a very active vacation for william and kate. >> my money is on kate. >> that's always safe. >> hey, josh. >> hey. i'm just thinking about -- i can probably make $20 if i went into the closet and took it all, $20 in change at least, elizabeth. i'd be rolling in dough. >> just for the tie. >> at least. >> done. >> nice tie. >> and away we go. we're going to begin actually with the search under way off the coast of baja
8:02 am
california. the mexican navy expanding it as it tries to find seven american tourists missing after a fishing boat sank. one american was killed after the boat was struck by two massive waves in a storm. survivors were able to cling to coolers and life vests for some 16 hours. rescuers do say that the warm water could make it possible for those missing to still be found alive. meanwhile, rising water levels today are expected to complicate cleanup efforts after that oil spill along the yellowstone river in montana. exxonmobob now admits the leak of an estimated 42,000 gallons from an underground pipeline is worse than it first estimated. state officials say dozens of miles along the river have been damaged. and instead of enjoying their usual time at home after july 4th, lawmakers back at it on capitol hill this morning. house and senate leaders trying to hammer out some sort of compromise to raise the nation's debt limit before the august 2nd deadline. one short-term solution would cut $1 trillion in spending and raise the debt ceiling just enough to get through the next
8:03 am
few months. meanwhile, a verdict could come at any time in the casey anthony murder trial. jurors resuming deliberations today after already putting in six hours behind closed doors. prosecututs say anthony killed her daughter, caylee, by using chloroform and then duct taping her face in part because the child was cramping her lifestyle. the defense says that caylee drowned accidentally in the pool. and two new studies on autism this morning. researchers studying twins found that environmental factors including conditions in the womb may contribute as much to the development of the disorder as genetics. another study found a possible link between a type of antidepressant called ssris and autism in unborn children. and, finally, we may have finally solved the mystery of how that wayward penguin, remember the one who captured the world's attention actually took the wrong turn from antarctica and ended up in
8:04 am
new zealand. here's a look at happy feet's webcam from his ice room, and you noticed i used the word "his." dna has now proved that happy feet is a male and why is that significant? george, i don't mean to sell us out, it just proves the little fellow never asked for directions. and you can consider that mystery explained. yeah, he is recovering nicely, however. he's making due withthour pounds of salmon a day, however, he is a stereotype incarnate. >> a female penguin would never have gotten lost and eaten 29 pounds of wet sand. >> taking his walkabout. hoping he can get back home. >> give him a gps. okay. lara, what do you have on the pop news heat index this morning? >> thanks for asking. we'll get right to it, guys. we'll tell you everything you need to know about what's hot, what's new going on in the world of pop culture. let's start with daniel live all right, guys, he has just told "gq" magazine he is no longererrinking after partying, quote, unsucucssfully.
8:05 am
he started began drinking in 2009 while shooting "harry potter and the half blood prince" and realized he was relying on alcohol too much. how insane the paparazzi never caught harry potter with a drink in hand. he says he is now enjoying the quiet life when he's not on broadway or making blockbusters. all right. love this. remember the camcorder stealing seagull video? it is real according to the owner of the video camera that was taken for a joyride by a seagull. his camera on the ground in cannes where even seagulls are aspiring filmmakers. it is insane how viral this video has gone. wait, we got to just check it out when it comes in for the landing. it's really good. fellini at his best. it is. it is fellini, felliniesque and thank you very much. complete with sound effects. very talented. speaking of movies, can you
8:06 am
guys envision teen sensation selena gomez as a young charlotte york? the creator of "sex and the city" says she can. candace bushnell has just released her second "sex and the city" prequel book and promises that it will be brought to life so soon, and there are rumors that blake lively could be cast as a young carrie bradshaw. we think that's pretty inspired casting. and you guys remember this youtube video of mica. he was in hysterics as his father rips a job rejection letter to shreds. how is that for making lemonade out of lemons? now, mica is hysterically laughing because his father is, wait for it, breaking celery. yes. the little laugher has 4 million hits and counting. he is tackling with delight as each stalk of celery is decimated and that is what's happening on youtube. back to you guys over at the
8:07 am
desk. >> that is so cute. >> i wish it were that easy when they got older. >> no longer laughing quite so much. >> stuff some broccoli in your back pocket for any old problem. >> stops working when they turn around 4. >> a dream. >> like talking back. >> sam, how about some weather? >> hey, good morning, george. good m mning, elizabeth. josh, lara, i am here with the tallest 11-year-old in the world. tell me your name. >> sota. >> sota, how tall are you about now? about seven feet tall? what do you think? i'm guessing you're about seven foot tall. you're a good foot taller than me. i think you're way up. let's get to the boards. one e two things going on this morning that we want to talk about as you head outside your door on this tuesday. there have been storms into the southwest, and we think some of this will continue for awhile. wind is a big problem with these storms. sometimes this time of year they don't carry enough moisture to really do the work on -- but they did in this case with a little bit of rain. but later on today, we'll give you the five-day on phoenix. you can see it appears to be dry even though there's about a 30% chance of thunderstorms will kick up.
8:08 am
some of those will be dry storm, so dust will be the issue there. 100 in fresno. 96 in reno. 100 in vegas. but with this in the northeastern section of l.a. county, some of these thunderstorms tonight could cause some floododg, so we do know there's some available moisture into the west right now. we call this monsoon season because of that. you'll see the uptick in that moisture and the chances over the next couple of weeks of getting some thunderstorms to >> i'm here with the girl scouts
8:09 am
from where? >> raleigh, north carolina. >> okay, how many of them are you? >> 21. >> 21, and you guys got here by -- >> train. >> train. >> and how did you get the money, though? >> cookies. >> selling cookies, see, so it's a good thing. george, elizabeth, lara. >> i want a thin mint, george. thank you, and, george, i know you'll never -- i just called him george. hi, george. hello, sam. here's's look at what's ahead. i know sam will never part with his flip-flops, but you might have something in your closet that you don't want to wear anymore, and we're going to tell you how to turn that old clothing into cash. and we call it "show me the money." and when it's time to buy a new computer, running shoes, how do you really know? we'll tell you how long products really last and how he can save you money. and finally, will will and kate make their biggest splash yet overseas? we'll have the latest on the royal grand tour. all that and more cocong up on "good morning amerera."
8:10 am
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♪ almost everybody has something that doesn't fit or they don't use hiding in their closets. well, this morning in our series "show me the money." lara is going to show us how to turn your closet into cold, hard cash. >> so true. all of us have those pieces we don't want to get rid of but why are you holding on to them? that is money, people. that green sweater, think of the green you could be making. so we went into three women's closets and we did just that. we all have one. a closet bursting with things you and your family will probably never wear again. so what are we waiting for? let's turn that gear into green.
8:15 am
in consignment stores and online used clothe, shoes and accessories can add up to some serious cash. on average blouses can go for as much as $20. skirts for up to 25. cashmere sweaters can ring up as much as $60. but the big money comes with designer labels. couture shirt, $100, top name jeans, $6 aand the best-sellers, designer handbags and shoes average about 250 cash in your pocket. so you don't have to have designer luxury items in your closet. >> brands we all know and love sell really well on ebay. things like from the gap, j. crew, really hold theirir value >> reporter: we dared three women to open up those closets and see how much money could be hanging amidst the old clothes. i'm on my way to my friend's kathy's house, tons oflothing cluttering her closet she hasn't worn in years so we'll make her some money.
8:16 am
kathy is pregnant with baby number two and optimism is the only thing keeping her size 6s still hanging in her closet. >> reality is i don't think i'm getting into half these clothes. i might as well make some money. this self-proclaimed outlet shopper has gap butening down, ann taylor dresses and a brand-new tory burch bag. >> a bag like this can go upwards of $175. >> all right, by the time you have that baby he'll have big dollars for diapers. >> maybe a little leftover for mommy. >> stay away from the outlets. bye. >> our next closet belongs to denise and paul, well, an entire basement filled with her clothe. >> how many clothes could one person possibly ever wear. >> that's why i'm trying to give them away. >> reporter: denise has a hard time saying good-bye even though she knows she'll never wear these again, we hope.
8:17 am
>> this was my prom dress which, you know, i hate to part with this because i had good memories. >> reporter: but there is real gold in them thar piles, like this polo dress, an old navy blouse and a -- >> a lot of mimi maternity. >> someone sold her lot for $405 and baby clothes too. >> reporter: but finally closet number three, i'm about to raid my good friend elizabeth vargas' closet. >> hello, money. >> reporter: this former wall street woman gave up her suits for -- even a flashy italian designer doesn't make the cut in this closet. should she keep this hot pink george joe armani blazer. yes or no, cameraman, yes or no. put it in the bag, right. put it in the bag. put it in the bag. thank you. we bagged these two j. crew
8:18 am
wedge, a pair of ann taylor suede pants and even thihi -- >> what about this cowboy hat? isn't that a cool cowboy hat. >> reporter: for someone who didn't think she had a lot to sell, i think we'll do all right. how many bucks are in the bags. we took them to buffalo exchange. one of the country's biggest buy, sell, trade chains. their buyer looks for clean, current clothes in good condition. offering 30% of what they'd sell for this stores. >> we take all label, all price ranges and with the money you take home with you that day. >> reporter: how are we adding up? >> 62, 18.60. size 7, take home in cash today. 11.40. 420 in cash on this one. >> reporter: what doesn't make the cut here can be sold on ebay. wait till we show the ladies how we turned their hand-me-downs into cash in hand. i'm here with the ladies.
8:19 am
we will afind out how much was sitting in your closet in clothing. elizabeth, it was hard, right. >> i'm a hoarder by nature. hard to stuff it in the bags. >> the pink jacket, were you going to wear that again. >> no. >> well, then someone else might as well enjoy it because my frfrnd that was worth $125 online. >> also -- >> this bag of clothing, buffalo exchange, we talked about it in the piece. you can see it online. we were able to get you and i quote, $46.20 and your ann taylor suit you haven't even looked at in years, those go for about $90 each on ebay. are you ready for your total. >> i am. >> show me the money. [ cheers ] >> awesome. kathy, let's talk about yours. you did not want to part with some of this stuff because you do love to shop, my friend. >> i have a partner here to help me out.
8:20 am
>> it is true. we like to shop together. all right. let's talk about some of your stuff. some of the totals. this hobo bag, we pulled it out by tory burch, big money on ay.. this $350 because it still hada the tags on it. this kate spade bag you have never touched for years, $25 to $100 and this bag of clothes at buffalo exchange, $153, giving you free money. >> wow. >> pretty good, right. >> you really showed me the money. >> don't you go spend that at the outlets. >> i can guarantee that. >> so, denis, you had maternity clothes. are you trying to tell your husband anything. >> a lot had sentimental value but one honey bunny and one sunny bunny is enough. >> it was time, right? i think we can all say safely it's time to say good-bye to the elastic waistbands. >> yes.
8:21 am
>> you did really well. your mbers, so buffalo exchange your bagup clothes went for 52.35. your bundle of maternity clothes could get as much as $250 then you had some business suits you didn't think much about. online, $120 each giving you the total of -- [ cheers ] >> put it in the bank but i know this one will. george, what do you think? can you do some shopping for money in your closet? >> i'm sure i could. i don't know if i could do that well. fantastic stuff. we'll stick with the theme. more money saving ideas about getting the facts when you have to replace daily necessities. is it necessary to get new running shoes every few months, an oil change every 3,000 miles? any give on the expiration dates for food and medicine. abc's elizabeth lehmanny is in washshgton busting myths. hey, eli. >> reporter: often the people making those replacement reremmendations are the same
8:22 am
people who profit from the products so we called them on it. we asked independent experts for the real deal. if you feel like you're working too hard to replenish the money it takes to replace the products you buy, listen up. replacement myth number one, you should get new running shoes every three months. we tested running shoes at a lab and found after 500 miles, one pair had minimal damage and another showed no wear at all. that was no surprise to the testing experts at the good housekeeping institute. >> what really matters when you're thinking about running shoes is how many miles on them. an avid runner running 25 miles a week, you need to repace them more quickly than a casual runner. >> reporter: myth number two, expired 2350ds will make you sick. >> i'm very conscious of healthy foods but not these. >> reporter: actually the fda says the date stamped on
8:23 am
processed food packages have to do with quality, not safety. other than meat, foods past their date aren't dangerous, just that they may not be as nutritious or flavorful. >> you won't eat sick after you eat it after the by sell date unless you open it up and it smells rancid then throw it out. >> reporter: the consumerist website was the first to notice the old arm & hammer baking soda box said replace every three months, but the new one says replace every 30 days. even though the product hasn't changed. the compmpy says new research shows improved odor elimination with the faster switch-a-roo but some consumers say that's big. >> trying to sell more products, aren't they? >> reporter: you must get your oil changed every 3,000 miles. so i called ten shops and asked them, how often i should change the oil in my 2004 honda pilot. seven said every 3,000 miles. three including two honda
8:24 am
dealerships said every 4,000 to 5,000 miles. they were all wrong. it says right here in my owner's manual, every 7,500 miles. myth four, expired druru could make you expire. would you still take this medication? >> i probably would. >> reporter: prescription drugs that your life depends on but outdated over the counter meds are another story according to abc's own dr. besser. >> if they're pill, things like pain relievers, allergy medicine will be good for several years after they expire. if there's one thing you want to do to make them last longer, get them out of the bathroro. hot steamy air will cause your medicine to break down sooner. >> reporter: myth five, your computer becomes obsolete as soon as you buy it. as long as yourr computer has a least one gig of ram, if all you do is things like check e-mail and shop online it'll work just fine. >> as long as the computer is
8:25 am
not running slowly there's no reason to upgrade. >> reporter: and finally, myth number six, you have to replace the ink cartridge whenour printer says so. pc world magazine conducted tests and found some cartridges are still 40% full when the indicator says they're empty. >> doess that make mad? >> yes. >> it's not fair. >> reporter: check the internet for tricks like shaking the toner cartridge, taking it out and putting it back and covering the sensor with electrical tape can get you hundreds more printed pages. there you have it, the facts on half a dozen replacement myths. so we did the math to figure out house by not replacing some of y the old things i have lying around. running shoe, you only need to replace those every 500 miles. so $89 in savings there. here are the expired foods i found in my own cupboard. 21.44. over the counter medicines,
8:26 am
$45.76 worth. here's my honda pilot, $39 for an oil change and now the biggie, if i hang on to this six-year-old computer and make the printer cartridges last a little bit longer, $1,096.99 worth of savings, grand total, $1,292.19, george. >> boy, you win the championship this morning, eli. thanks very much. important information, all of you at home can see the full list of replacement myths and facts on our website at coming up, the best products to keeppour best friend safe in the car and we have an ininedible "your three words" coming up. something you do not want to miss coming up right at 8:30. we'll be right back.
8:27 am
the plan to build a new 49er stadium in santa clara is going forward today and considering several proposals. they are expected to talk about the next phase of design work including the selection of subcontractors and the marketing and sales of luxury boxes and design have concessionaire of food and beverages. folks are heading back to work today. >> everybody is headed over to the city. look at that bay bridge toll plaza shot. metering lights are on. traffic is backed up into the maze. "h" train number 3 and 5 running slightly behind schedule. bart, muni checking in with
8:28 am
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all right. mm. refreshing. [ announcer ] who could resist the call... of america's number-one puppy food brand? with dha and essential nutrients also found in mother's milk. purina puppy chow. welcome back. check out the sunshine over downtown san francisco, it's 53 degrees rights now but it's already heating in our inland neighborhoods, and yak and fairfield, 72 and 73. those will push toward hundred and same about morgan hill and clearlake and possibly cover
8:30 am
cloverdale. 89 in san jose. today is the hottest day of the week. much cooler by the weekend. ♪ we coming to america ♪ they coming to america >> how about that mohawk, right? >> a great mohawk. >> there are the royal couple. they were racing yesterday in the dragon boats. >> we did. william won by a hair. kate was in the lead for much of the race. apparently they're quite competitive. >> no question about that. she'll play some street hockey. only a couple more days before they get to the united states and, of course, every step of the way kate has been making a splash with her fashions. >> even beautiful again in white. the same designer who designed her wedding dress i believe designed this. she's been looking very glamorous. >> can't wait to see what she saved for l.a. >> exactly. good morning, everyone.
8:31 am
i'm elizabeth vargas here with all of you. >> people wonder. should you buckle your dog up? do you buckle your dog up? >> no. it's enough just to get him in the car. >> lots of people wonder. i have a really big dog, a golden doodle. we'll tell you the safest ways to keep your pooch in place when you're on the road. that story coming up. and you have something special too. >> yes, indeed. if you excuse me i'll introduce one special couple to the program. amolia and erin. they are winners of an online contest. two couples although i understand, he's the one who entered the contest. >> yes, he did. >> that's amazing. all right. so where are you in from. >> from ohio. we're from ohio and live in west virginia right now. >> here for the fourth. did you have a good fourth. >> yes, we did. >> take in the fireworks on the
8:32 am
river. >> yes. >> you've been together how long? >> about five years. >> and i do understand that there was just a move in. >> yes. >> and part of the winning -- you won the contest in part because of some viewing habits that changed. tell us the story here. >> i used to watch "sportscenter" every morning before work or class. >> smart man. >> she moved in and took over the tv remote and now it's "good morning america". >> there's one tv. so you came over with somebody else. i'm trying to remember who that might have been. >> i like how you just pulled that out. >> figure it out. we have a very special thing. my three words. can you help me toss it? >> your thing. >> here's "your three words."." ♪
8:33 am
♪ it can never be long enough for me feel like i've had long enough with you ♪ ♪ forget the world now we won't let them see ♪ ♪ but there's one thing left to do ♪ ♪ that's the way it has been love has surely been my way ♪ ♪ memories ♪ if i ever get the nerve to say hello ♪ ♪ say you will ♪ say you will
8:34 am
>> i love you. i love you now and forever. will you marry me? [ cheers ] ♪ say you will >> i love that. >> congratulations. >> amalia, yeah. >> thank you. >> and -- >> thank you. >> congratulations. >> you set the bar impossibly high for us. thank you for that. how surprised are you. >> very, very surprised. i did not at all expect it. >> as the song is playing -- >> i know, i know. >> i didn't know.
8:35 am
>> there were bets at work. >> yes, there were. >> so you won. somebody won. >> somebody won. >> i do want to say, first of all, there was no online contest. he orchestrated this whole thing. i want this man to have bonus points for life. how nervous? >> it didn't hit me until this morning titi we started all this and now it's refreshing. it's like -- yeah, it's finished, weight off my shoulders. >> we talked briefly this morning. maybe, george, you remember this, when you get the ring and the jeweler says, whatever you do, don't give it to her right away, if you have an idea go through with it. how badly did you want to give that ring to her the second you got it. >> i'm terrible at keeping secrets and i couldn't find the place to hide it so i locked it up and took away her key from the lockbox.
8:36 am
she thought it was on her key ring but it wasn't. even if she tried to find it, she couldn't. >> i know they ran to give you one but come here, big guy. [ cheers ] . >> a fourth of july weekend you'll never forget. >> yes. >> fireworks in the near future? >> yes. >> good. >> yououave to do the weather now. >> good luck. >> that even got my cold heart. that was so beautiful. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on this morning we want to talk about as you head out the or. we love this picture. the upper left-hand corner, the way i feel when i'm laying in the sunshine. pamela did not tell us the dog's name but just a 4-month-old puppy but beautiful sky shots. here's what happens the rest of the week, if you chose atlanta for your vacation, it is warm and scenic. pretty tough storms in the last few days and generally we think
8:37 am
atlanta will probably get by with pretty good weather over the next few days. a lot of moisture in the air and there will be scattered afternoon storms. because of that, humidity levels are up. hot and dry in texas. the other place we're looking at scattered storms to develop is the southwest. we call this monsoon season because it comes up from the deep south and makes that dry heat a little moist and thunderstorms will kick up all the way to duluth today. look, look. it's like all moist under there. all that weather was brought to you by california tourism. >> not the first time i cried on national television. th
8:38 am
>>. [ cheers ] >> i do want to give a shout out. california tourism. up next, from these two to william and kate, more happy couples in the news. we'll check in with those lovebirds although nobody has these two beat.
8:39 am
announcer: when your eyes are smiling, you're smiling. be kind to your eyes with transitions lenses. transitions adapt to changing light so you see your whole day comfortably and conveniently while protecting your eyes from the sun. ask your eyecare professional which transitions lenses are right for you. transitions lenses are available at a site for sore eyes location near you.
8:40 am
8:41 am
only a few more days before will and kate reach the u.s. on their summer tour. today they're way up in the northwest territories of canada. bob woodruff, who has beenn wit the prince and his bride every step of the way, good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning, george. yeah, this is the second day in a row for the couple to have a lot of these fun events. actually kate will be playing street hockey right here in the northwest territories, the town, the capital of 19,000 people. this will be in a rink but actually not on ice because they don't have that in this temperature and flying this float plane out to the lake and landing nearby. you know that yesterday you can see that william really loves flying helicopters. he is a military pilot and did
8:42 am
safely land this chopper on the water and some training when the engines do fail and a big competition in the dragon boat race. william did win but afterwards you could see this major hug. it is now about seven hours west of where they were then, landed here and you can see that it's actually daylight for 24 hours a day, so are you going to see, george, reporting from us today but none of it will be in darkness. >> thanks, bob and for more on this we're now joined by abc's royal correspondent katie nicholl, the author of "the making of a royal romance" in yellowknife, as well. good morning, katie. what a day for will and kate but chivalry is dead, huh? >> civilry is dead. at least it is according to the duke of cambridge. you saw him win that spectacular dragon boat race and he wasn't going to share that bottle of champagne with anyone. it was very well deserved. wonderful to see the pair of
8:43 am
them compete against each other. this is a couple who are clearly in love as i think we all saw yesterday but, my goodness, there is a healthy dose of competition between the two of them. apparently they can't even finish a tennis match, they are that competitive. >> we're seeing a lot of the sporty kate. the boat race yesterday, what, street hockey today? >> yeah, hockey, boat race, she was there at doing her other -- it wasn't a sport but another -- she was doing photography as william was going up in the helicopter and landing, kate was there with her camera taking pictures, so i think as well as a chance to meet as many canadians which is what they said they wanted to do from the start doing things that they enjoy. they love being outside. she said to me when i met her she's just been so grateful for the chance to explore a countryside she's never seen and up in the northwest territory, this is countryside i've never seen. it's quite spectacular. it's light the whole night through. i imagine it's quite an
8:44 am
adventure for her. >> it looks fantastic. of course, she has to watch every single word she's said. she said "i hope to" to the person who asked about having children. everybody saying does this mean is it happening? >> well, they are looking incredibly in love. the one thing i think that stood out most was how tactile they are with each other. i watchilliam and kate and there is just so much chemistry between them. she'll lean across and squeeze his knee. you saw yesterday when they finished the race, yes, he did take that bottle of champagne but put an arm around kate. it was a hug. it was something that i have not seen between the two of them certainly not from the balcony so will children be on the way very soon? i conspiracy they probably will. if you look at it historically within a year of the marriage to the prince and princess of wales and queen and duke of edinburgh, we had an heir so i would say, yes, by next year we'll have good news.
8:45 am
>> these trips can be so grueling but they're really having a good time. >> oh, they are having a good time. when i talked to both of them, yes, of course, it's tiring but let's not forget they're flying on a canadian air force jet so there is a level of comfort and the program has been planned carefully. today we don't start anything till early lunch times which gives them the morning together. at every point of the program they have time together, time to recoup and just gather themselves which i think is very important. as you say these tours are exhausting and need to have some down time too. >> on their way to california. katie nicholl, thanks. >> thank you. >> you can see a scrapbook of their tour by going to new ways to keep your dog new ways to keep your dog safe in the car.
8:46 am
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8:48 am
oh. oh, my god. >> making a break for it. he's on to our evil plan. pull over. >> i can't stop here. i can't. >> honey, pull over. >> all right, remember this scene from the movie "marley and me." more dog owners are trying to make sure this doesn't happen. there is a surge in the sale of doggie seat belts, harnesses and other similar devices and "wall street journal" columnist and "gma" contributor wendy bounds is here to show us a few. you have your own dog. >> dolly and hopefully dolly won't be jumping out the window. 90% of dogs ride in cars unrestrained. i was pretty shocked by that and i thought the idea of a dog seat belt was silly but one day i hit the brakes and dolly went flying. carmakers are pushing the idea
8:49 am
of restraining your dog. dolly is wearing this harness here. it costs a little less than 30 bucks. she's tethered into the seat belt so if i hit the brakes hopefully the seat belt kicks in and hopes dolly from flying. >> she won't become a projectile. does it fit on any size. >> they're pretty cool with it. once they wear it for awhile. they get tangled up in the beginning but gets used to it. >> another danger is dogs poking their heads up to the two front seats trying to see what's going on. >> we want to pet the dogs ourselves. you can see there's this barrier from a company called pepeo so the goal is to keep dolly from going like this at me or from me being tempted to reach back and go, oh, are you okay? another thing to keep the dog from being distracted. >> dogs who might be older, getting in and out of the cars can be hazardous. this is a ramp. >> this is a ramp so as you have dogs that are senior dogs and,
8:50 am
dolly, i'm not saying you're a senior dog but let's go. you have this ramp and the dogs can walk down the ramp. you don't have to lift the dog. the dog doesn't have to jump. >> you're all done. >> great job, dolly. >> we've got up here, sometimes it's great to have a dog in a crate. >> yes. >> this is a safe way for them to travel as well as for them to sleep in a house. >> accident scene. the last thing you want is for the dog to be aggressive toward an emergency worker while they're trying to help you. this keeps the dog very contained. you know, they feel safe but then if you need to take the dog out while you're traveling and roll the dog, this has wheels from a company called pet gear, the dog can travel with you. >> oh, that's great. >> the dog can go in and out just like this. again, if you're talking about the idea of keeping a pet safe, you really want to have the dog restrained and a crate is a good way to do that. >> here we have -- >> we have radially.
8:51 am
radley is sporting the pet hack mock but it keeps the seat clean and, elizabeth, we were talking about distraction. this does have a little barrier to keep him from hanging her head over into the front seat. >> also a snack pack if she needs a treat on the go, water and so forth but keeping the seats clean and making sure she's not in there just pawing at you because it could get very dangerous for a dog to do. >> we are about to get our first puppy. >> congratulations. >> thank you. this might be perfect. this is for small dogs. >> hi there. >> this is it justin, justin is wearing a harness in the box. some people take that notion as a lap dog way too seriously and ride with a dog on their lap. not safe at all. in here with a harness. this harness is tethered to the seat and the seat is here in the car. i want to make an important point. this is the safest place for a small dog is in the back, not the front. air bag accidentally goes off, talked to people whose dogs have
8:52 am
had very severe injuries from that but we're showing justin here but this keeps justin off the lap of a driver and keeps justin in a harness and more secure and, again, if you're in that accident, the dog will be a little more contained. >> justin is high enough up he can see out the window. >> people say we don't want to restrain our dogs because they like to hang their heads out the window and line to see. justin can see. dolly with that seat belt can move around and get in and out. she can see out the window so the dogs are happy but they're also safe. >> much safer, great ideas, wendy, hanks. >> good luck with your new puppy. >> thanks. i think i'll get one of these right away. at any rate, coming up if you're planning a summer trip with your road -- with your road. a road trip with your dog, e-mail us at and we can help you. thanks, wendy. we'll be right back.oa [ male announcer ] using frontline plus
8:53 am
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8:56 am
ah. >> there was the moment. aaron asked amalia, got down on one knee. >> we want to say congratulations. amalia is not a grumbler who will be picking up yet another name. >> congratulations, guys. >> thank you. >> thank you. -dad, why e you getting that? -that's my cereal.
8:57 am
8:58 am
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8:59 am
dozens of squat rs are occupying a vacant building in the mission district. the collective is called homes, not jails. they organized last night. 43-unit building was once the sierra hotel. they say 10,000 people are sleeping on the streets and there are 32,000 vacant housing units in the city. the fog is retreated go back to the coast. keep nut 50s, 70s around san francisco and richmond. 90s as you head inland. we could see hundreds in the east bay valleys making it the hottest day of the forecast. >> an accident in danville has speeds slowing to 25 miles an hour. northbound 680, everything is over in the center divide and will be slow and go ride.

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